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Come Prepared!

Use the checklist below so that you come prepared for creek conditions. Please be prepared to get a little muddy. Many of the clean-up sites may have poison oak.


  • Your own drinking water
  • A bucket or re-usable shopping bag to collect light trash (per person)
  • Comfortable, washable clothes
  • Long pants and long sleeves
  • Hat and Sunscreen
  • Gloves (work or gardening type)
  • Shoes that can get wet and muddy
  • Waterproof boots (optional)
  • Grabbing tool or rake (optional)



ALL CHILDREN MUST BE WITH A RESPONSIBLE ADULT as the debris, water, or slippery stream banks may be hazardous.

If you bring a child or group of children, your most important job is to supervise and keep them safe. Collecting trash is secondary for adults in charge of children.

Thank you for making it possible for them to have this experience!



Confidentiality Promise: The information collected by this form is for our internal purposes only and will not be distributed to any outside companies or vendors.


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South Sacramento County


2018 Registration Opens February 15th

Volunteer Instructions

Public clean-up sites in South Sacramento County are listed below.
Review the site descriptions and check the map links to select your site.

Then click the site's Registration Link  button to register.

We ask that all volunteers please complete and bring our volunteer waiver to give to their site leaders.  And if you are registering for a group or organization please download our Adult Group Waiver to fill out and hand to your site leader. For some sites, they must also download a Sacramento City waiver.

Please include your location preferences in the comment section of your registration.

Your information will be sent to our administrative volunteers who may contact you to confirm your clean-up site location, provide you with additional instructions, or answer any questions you may have. You may be reassigned to a location as space allows.

Please report at 9:00am sharp on Saturday, April 14th to your confirmed clean-up site. Your team leader will provide you with instructions, garbage bags and help get you started.


Clean-up Site Locations:

French & German Roads - Elder Creek Registration Link

(20 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP Near German Dr. on French Road just north of Gerber.

Power Inn Rd & Calvine Rd - Strawberry Creek Registration Link

The water can be deep here if there has been recent rain. (30 volunteer capacity)
The meeting location has been moved to the parking lot of Sam's Club. Park at the front corner of the lot near the intersection of Power Inn and Calvine.

Sheldon Park - Florin Creek Registration Link

(50 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP 6000 Orange Avenue.

Zimbelman Park - Elk Grove & Laguna Creek Registration Link

Good for all ages and abilities with trails and shallow creek banks. Hosted by the Laguna Creek Watershed Council. (20 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP   9191 Bighorn Blvd, Elk Grove.

North Laguna Creek Park - Laguna Creek Registration Link

Print, complete and bring Sacramento City WAIVER. Caution: Deep water.
(75 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP Jacinto west of Center Parkway. It's OK for Creek Week volunteers to park on either side of Jacinto.

Illa Collin Park - Strawberry Creek Registration Link

(10 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP Vintage Park Drive north of Calvine. Go past the park, turn left on Fintown Court and park at the end of the street.

Mather - Morrison Creek Registration Link

(20 volunteer capacity)
DIRECTIONS: SEE MAP Splash Education Center 4426 Excelsior Road, Mather 95655

Freeport - Lower Morrison Creek

Please go to our Freeport and Delta Page to register.


If you would like more information about clean-up sites in South Sacramento County, please contact Vince at 916/428-1171 ext. 21 or email vking 'at' southgaterecandpark.net.