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Bob’s Notes and Demos

Set-up feed to FB/Twitter – In-progress

Vol Form Confirmations with location specific details – Done, confirmation directs to page with community links

Change default template to left sidebar only – Done

Add separate link to in header – Done

Set-up mailpoet test to just Alta, Peter, Bob – Done – Autosends recent posts on 1st of Month

Check to assure that Mailpoet is being used, not CC. – Done

Clean-up template formatting, widget bullets, alignment – Done

Add form with group option – Done

Add page for each area manager to view volunteers – Done

Set form to notify area managers when volunteers submit the form – Done

Add Electronic waivers – Done

Add new 2019 graphics – Done

Celebration page – Done

Peter will work on adding sponsor logos and setting up mailpoet newsletter format.

Bob add GIS map link to home page and volunteer page – label – Map and Results for 2018 Clean-up Sites and Statistics for each site. – Done, added to widget.

Map Brochure and Poster Link – Say coming in Feb – Done

Add routing email addresses for volunteer form – Done

Add all Area Coordinator Pages – Done – Default PW is “CreekWeek2019”

1-11-2019 list

Sponsor Page – Remove fixed height and width on sponsor tables – Bob – Done

Peter will add 2018 sponsor logos to slides, 2019 expected by end of month.

Alta will update playlist videos on youtube

Bob – Add button features – “Learn More” – Done

Peter will rename logos with levels and sponsor name

1-14-2019 Peter’s Updates list

Uploaded 2018 Sponsor logos, renamed all logo files with appropriate file names (“Sponsor”, metal category, sponsor’s name).  Will continue to rename media files for categorizing and easy search.

Slide show problems: Sponsor slide shows display wrong slides.  Side bar shows header slides or wrong metal category.  My work around is to cut back on the slideshows to just one in the sidebar for Platinum Sponsors.  Changed the title to “Thank Our Sponsors”.

Notes from Peter’s email – 1-15-2019

One more Volunteer Registration question: Eventbrite allowed us to set a max number of volunteers for each event. So if volunteer count for a given site exceeded X, the event was closed. Is it possible to recreate that?

Action item – set a max number of volunteers for each event -25 – Done

Having asked that, we only had it with Eventbrite. We never had it before. Even with Eventbrite we still needed to manage expectations and redirect people to other sites. Eventbrite also set open and close dates/times on events. So this time around we will be managing last minute volunteers.

Action item – open and close dates/times on events – (target open date mid Feb) – All forms are set to go active at midnight on Feb 25th and go offline at midnight on April 14th.

We will also need to control volunteer access with messages in site descriptions, closing links, etc.

Bob – Create QR code to form on website for people who show up on site, some additional people will show as part of a group and still need to e-sign waiver.





We could create a QR code for each site and load it on the admin page for the admin to print and take to the site location.  Walk-ups could then scan the code with their phones to go directly to the vol form for that location.

1-28-2019 Peter’s questions for Bob:

I need to start creating the profiles for our Area Admin people. They need passwords to view their pages of volunteer data. I’ve looked through User Management and Plugins for a clue, but can’t find anything.  All Area Admin pages are currently password protected.  You can change the password using the “quick edit” option for any page selected while viewing “All Pages”.

I want to get the Volunteer form up to speed for testing. I’m not quite sure where or how to specify the maximum head counts per site. Bob, if we can schedule an hour of time to go over this specific information, I would very much appreciate your help.   We can cover any details for this process in our next scheduled meeting.

Peter’s notes 2/4/2019

Added one id tag “h9” to the CSS for use on page headers.  Experimenting with available short code for the registration button.  It looks good!   But this seems like a lot of code for a button.  Am I using it correctly?


2-4-2019  Bob’s Notes

I created volunteer registration forms, form pages, and “views” for all site locations and added views to all Area Coordinator pages.

I also created a theme template for the Area Coordinator pages that is better for viewing data tables.

Any data table “view” can be downloaded as a csv or excel file.

When somebody registers to volunteer they are automatically added to our Creek Week newsletter subscriber list and subscriber list for their area.

2-5-2019  Peter’s Notes
Alta will probably want to log into area views as well to avoid scrolling through one huge page with everything on it.  But we also think one huge page might be worthwhile too.

I just would like to see which sites are close to filling.  So a list of sites with a current ticket count and max setting works fine.

The best place to see form submission counts is in the WP dashboard.

I’ve made a number of changes to the Rancho Cordova page and forms already.  They deleted four sites and added two new ones.  And I’ve updated their page, the forms as well as the views.  That is, I just renamed two forms and two views.  I deleted the two extra forms.  The extra views are still on file and they give a “the corresponding form is in the trash!” error message.   When I renamed the forms and views, I reset any parameters – like max volunteers – accordingly.  HOWEVER, I noticed the urls on the views? did not change when I renamed them.  So the former name is still in the url.  Not sure if that’s a problem.  I verified the Rancho Cordova password page has the correct views on it.

The url can be edited in the forms permalink field.

2-14-2019 Peter’s Notes

Newsletter format:  column and margin settings.  Any options for more format control?

Handling Admin pages:  Leaving them on the drop down submenu as they now are, or putting them on a separate “hidden” page or menu.  We’re giving Area Administrators the option of providing any site leaders with a url to a password protected view to their site data without download buttons.

Bob, I continue to enjoy working with this install of WordPress.  As I said before, GoDaddy’s servers were sluggish and our previous install had none of your plugins and did not handle data and input.  Now I’m curious about how well Gravity tools supports a database.

Bob – Look into cloning the CC newsletter – Will send on 25th

Look into custom html css control.

2-29-2019 Peter’s Notes
Registration View Issues:
We would really like to see the Views scroll horizontally if possible.  I can’t find any options on the View editor for this.
Bob: I created an example that might work for your purposes at:
The list of fields the Views should contain are : Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Age, Name of Group, Estimate Number of Group, Age Range of Group, Comments.
All Views have been updated to show this field list.
My questions about views:
When we click the Excel or CSV buttons, the downloads only contain the data in the view.  Is there a shortcut to including more or all of the data?
Bob: To see all the data as a site admin go to Forms > Import/Export > Export Entries > Select Form > Select Fields, Conditional Logic, Date Range > Export as CSV file.
Bob: I removed the header widget from the new Coordinator pages.
Bob: I adjusted the header logo width.

Note from Alta 3-3-19. Please add the Facebook link to
3-3-2019 Done

Bob note, 3-3-2019:  To remove the right sidebar from a Coordinator page change the page template to the “no-sidebar” option.

Peter note 3-6-2019

Mail Poet Issues:

We have the Creek Week message ready to go, but Alta’s test runs get put into Spam folders with the Gmail message:

Why is this message in spam?

It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past.

None of our graphics are included in the message, so it doesn’t display well.  The “Open this email in your web browser.” link does not show a web page but generates its own error message:

No webpage was found for the web address:

The sender in Gmail shows as Bob Hollis and your address.  I’m aware that we need to put our own email address in the sender field.  But MailPoet itself advises NOT to use gmail addresses, which is all that Alta uses.  I’ve tested using [email protected], which has not bounced, so I assume we could use that if we had to.  That would require giving Alta access to any messages that wind up at that address.

3-8 Alta questions:

The confirmation email looks good.

How best to make edits to the registrations. Changing group numbers, changing sites, canceling…

Newsletter is going into spam folders for all types of email accounts: sbcglobal, att, surewest, etc. Need to solve asap or shoot the newsletter out through Constant Contact.

3-21-2019    Bob Note:  I do not see anything new on the list.  Let me know if there is anything you would like me to work on before our weekly meeting.

3-22-2019 Peter’s Note: Per Alta, I changed the field order on the Folsom View: Entry Date, Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Estimated Number, Comments
I also changed the date format to the PHP string: Y/m/d \a\t g:i to render a numeric format.
The text format date was not sorting correctly once Alta downloaded it into a spreadsheet.


  1. Bob – Follow-up with GV re rendering all fields for everybody.
  2. Check with Zane on option for totals from group number entries.
  3. Look into Database type of CMS for all of CreekWeek; sponsors, clean-up sites, etc.
  4. Investigate downloading csv as one spreadsheet – Example Folsom – Done
  5. Add PDF Waiver form online for group download (Complete by Monday)
    a. Minors – Some group members do not come with parents and need to bring a paper form signed by parent to participate
    b. Create PDF form, add to site, replicate as GF option, include Group and Site name, add names of all children under age of 18.
    c. Placement on site?
    d. Add Areas as dropdown and Sites as conditionals
  6. Change main form to include the options from number 5.


Replicate PDF created by Peter as a form for online use

Make PDF a fillable PDF

Add Areas as dropdown and Sites as conditionals

6-6-19 from Alta
Would you please help me with uploading our Creek Week 2019 report into the media library?
This is the message I get:
Creek Week report summary 2019.pdfThe uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2019/06.
I have emailed the pdf to you.
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