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Thank you for volunteering for
an October creek clean-up!

You should receive a confirmation email message.  Your confirmation will contain your site name and description, directions and a map link with parking instructions as well as contact information should you have any further questions.  It will also contain a Volunteer Checklist to help you come prepared.
If you have further questions about your registration, or need to change any registration information please contact your community’s Volunteer Coordinator below.  Or click the name of your community to return to the clean-up site list.


Dry Creek and its tributaries, Goat and Sierra Creeks

Alta 916/454-4544

Carmichael & Arden-Arcade

Arcade, Brooktree Creeks and Chicken Ranch Slough

Hilary 916 927-3802 ext 120

Citrus Heights

No organized October clean-ups for Arcade, San Juan, and Cripple Creeks

Marty 916 725-1585


No organized October clean-ups for Willow, Humbug, Hinkle and Alder Creeks.

Alta 916 454-4544

Freeport and the Delta

No organized October clean-ups for Lower Morrison Creek and Sherman Island

Aleesah 916 375.2091

Natomas, N. Sacramento & N. Highlands

No organized October clean-ups for Arcade, Don Julio, Dry, Magpie, Robla, Bannon, and Steelhead Creeks in Natomas

Melinda 916 212-6589


Community Calendar for possible community service activities

Very little trash to pick up, good for small children

916 988-4373

Rio Linda

No organized October clean-ups for Dry Creek

Erik 916 991-5929

Rancho Cordova

No organized October clean-ups for Morrison Creek, Bear Hollow Res., Dawes Canal

Margarita 916 851-8897

S. Sacramento County & Mather

No organized October clean-ups for Florin, Laguna, Elder, Strawberry,
and Morrison Creeks

Vince 916 428-1171 ext 21

Water Quality Monitoring

Bill 916-601-9954

Volunteers needed for the first major storm event


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